Can I Get You Another Size?

We’ve all had that problem when online shopping. You’ve found a dress that looks absolutely perfect. But when it arrives after an anxious wait, you are left disappointed to find it is too big, small, short or baggy. It makes us many of us sceptical on online shopping when this occurs. However, new technology created in Hong Kong Polytechnic University aims to alleviate this common occurrence.

In March of this year,  associate professor Tracy P.Y. Mok and PhD graduate Zhu Shuaiyin, created the 1measure technology. Users begin by uploading two full body shots to the program. From this, “the system can accurately reconstruct the 3D shape of a person and extract over 50 size measurements” in as little as 5 to 10 seconds. The technology also allows for the prediction of underbody measurement based on a dataset of 10,000 human scale models.


1measure Unveiling

This technology is far superior to previous automatic shape modelling technologies, including scan and image-based. Not only does it minimise the need for a bulky and expensive scanner, 1measure is also extremely accurate, tests showed the discrepancies in tight-fitting and loose-fitting clothing were found to be “less than 1 cm and 2 cm respectively”. This advancement may prove to be a success in the digital marketing sphere, especially in regards to online retailers.

However, new technologies, such as these, have called into question the ethics behind how we shop. Firstly, with retail stores employing over 1.2 million Australians, technologies such as these may make their jobs as assistants redundant in store. The retail sector is a major stepping stone for many young Australian into the workforce and with many struggling to afford their lifestyle, technologies such as these could greatly affect the economic outlook.

Secondly is the question of how online stores may use the data created by the software. Customers must question whether they feel comfortable with there size, weight and body proportions could potentially be stored by a number of online browsers.

Thus I leave you readers to question this. Although advancements in technology can be helpful, how do we ensure the prosperity of the retail industry for the future? Furthermore, would you feel comfortable sharing information about your body online?



3 thoughts on “Can I Get You Another Size?

  1. Hi Ellen! Great topic. I love online shopping and thank that the biggest issues for me regarding shopping online instead of in store has been two major issues: quality of fabric and the fitting of the piece of clothing. This solves one of these problems: size! Therefore I think that for me personally, I would not mind giving out this data to the company since it benefits me as a customer and provides me with a service that I am looking for on the market at the moment. Furthermore, regarding the prosperity of the retail industry, I think that they need to keep up with the development of technology in order to enhance customer experience at all times. Do you have any specific suggestions for future prosperity, what would you do as a marketer?


    • To be honest with you Emma, I think there really needs to be some government action underataken which can either improve foot traffic in retail stores or slow down the rapid increase of only shopping. Maybe there could be tax incetibve to use physical stores? As someone who has worked in the retail industry I can vouch for how hard they are doing it with all this online competition, so I really hope somethign is done about it


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