Gross-ery Shopping?

Grocery shopping. A mundane past time that many of us go through weekly to ensure we’re supplied with nutritious (or not so much) food. However, with much of the world and its commerce going online, there have been many online options created aiming to eliminate the need for this. But are these timesavers worth it?


Online grocery retailers have been popping up across the internet over the past decade, coming in many different shapes and forms including click and collect, delivery and meal kits . Recently, ‘online supermarket’ Ocado has utilised AI as an innovative take on this online shopping experience. Warehouse stocking their products have been fitted with robots which can “pick 50 item orders in 5 minutes“. From here shipments are sent daily thus creating an “end-to-end ecommerce, fulfilment, and logistics platform

Despite all of this new innovation, many consumers are still wary of online grocery shopping. New research recently completed found that globally, an average of 70 per cent of consumers prefer to get their groceries by visiting the store and are still wary about buying produce online. There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. Consumers often question the quality of the products they receive online as opposed to produce they are able to hand pick out themselves. UK and US consumers have consistently complained about the quality of food they have received from online forums such as Amazon. This may be due to the fact that produce has to be stored for a long time whilst waiting to be order and shipped to customers.
  2. There is a belief from some consumers that buying food online is harming their diet. A recent survey explored online food purchasing behaviour and found that we are more likely to make poor decisions regarding healthy foods. This may be due to the fact that the physical act of pushing around a trolley instead of ordering online in our PJs, is proven to increase our likelihood of reading the nutritional labels

Thus I leave you readers to ponder whether you feel more comfortable purchasing online or in store? And do you think the benefits of online shopping outweigh the possible drawbacks?




2 thoughts on “Gross-ery Shopping?

  1. Great post Ellen! I definitely would be hesitant to buy groceries online, regardless of how much I hate having to go and get groceries! I personally am a bit OCD with selecting fruits and vegetables that I’ve picked out and checked for bruises. But I like being able to price compare easily online so I’d probably be more willing to buy pantry items online but stick with getting fresh produce inshore where I can check the quality!

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    • Yes I definitely am to my self! My friend purchased food from an online meal kit company (who I wont name and shame) and found her vegetables were left wilted and starting to blacken. Will definitely not be using them in the future!


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